Our customers say the nicest things.......
November 18, 2010

Dear Kieren,

Thank you for the restoration of my French inlaid Boulle. It was always a beautiful unique piece, but the tortoiseshell, brass andebony inlay had lifted, and in some cases fallen off, to the point where I was afraid totouch it. I was concerned that I would not be able to find anyone with the skill to repairsuch a piece. When you returned it it to me with all the pieces restored and flat, I wasoverjoyed. It is, once again, in a place of pride in my home for everyone to see and enjoy. Thanks so much!

Bob Montgomery
Welland, ON
Note: Complete information about the restoration of this boulle can befound on the “Boulle” page of this web site.

August 5, 2010

Dear Kieren,

Just wanted to thank you again for our beautiful custom bed. We are in love with it! Your level of expertise and understanding of antique pieces, aswell as the way you finished it was more than we expected. We look forward to working withyou again in the future. Thank you for an amazing piece!

Nina and Joe Asensio
Brampton, Ontario

September 12, 2010

Dear Kieren:

It was with great anticipation that I awaited the repair of my eight foot French antique mirror which had fallen from its perch above the fire place of my two storey family room and shattered on my glass coffee table early one morning. It's crown completely shattered into so many small pieces, reminiscent of a puzzle, it seemed irritrivably broken, however the silvered glass was intact.

As you came highly recommended from the antique dealer where we purchased the mmiror, we decided to take a leap of faith and retained your services to have it restored. However, I did not dare to believe that my prized antique mirror could be restored to its former glory.

On delivery day weeks later, our mirror was resplendant in its restoration, repaired to its former appearance with no evidence of fractures. No one could guess that two weeks prior it lay shattered in pieces on my family room floor. It now hangs as a testament to your restoration skills. We also appreciate that the reassembly was strengthened using modern reconstruction means, including there-installation of the mirror in our home, ensuring that it is optimally stabilized and firmly supported to the walls.

We thank you and would be happy to offer our names for references if desired.

Ron and Rita Sherwood
Oakville, Ontario


June, 2009


Enclosed are photos of some of the work you did for us. The door of the clock was completely brought back to life from some horrible oak thing that had been added at one point. The writing box is made of horn and some of the pieces were missing that you did casts of in resin and they look so good you honestly can not tell which ones are the repros and which ones are real. You also  replaced some of the ivory strips with a repro product that makes it impossible to tell which strips are ivory (or bone) and which are the replacements. As for the bookcase you brought back the original finish without refinishing it. We were thrilled with all three pieces because you essentially transformed what were junky yard sale finds into museum quality treasures.

We have highly recommended you to anyone who asks us!

Jonathan Walford and Kenn Norman
Galt, ON


May, 2009

Hi Kieren,

I am very pleased with the work you did for us.

The table is the exact colour finish that it was before your restoration and with the new leaf you made it now sits 10 people. The finish is easy to keep and shows so well. I must say that the secretary was due for an update but not a complete redo. It is a lovely little piece and the the work you did makes it a showpiece again. The finish colour is true to the original and I love the new interior. It is so lovely to see it as it must have been at one time. I appreciate all your effort and if I need anything else restored I will not hesitate to call.

Louise Murphy
Oakville ON


June, 2008

Hi Kieren,

The armoire is truly lovely and I enjoy showing it off to friends and family. My son said that he wondered what I was doing, having the armoire refinished. He (like much of my family) thought it was ready for the garbage heap and beyond salvation. He was impressed with the work you did and how great the armoire looks now. I can't thank you enough for restoring this piece of family history.

Thanks again,
Bev Gilbert
Guelph, ON


May, 17 2009


With our thanks for returning our well used, worn out furniture to its original charm.

Thank you for a job well done!!

Sincerely John and Patty Costen
Hamilton, ON