Table Leaves

Table leaves are common visitors to our shop. Some come along with the tables to which they belong - often they are a different colour than the table due to a variety of factors. Some leaves have not been used on a regular basis and are not exposed to the sun, cleaning (and the dinners!!) the rest of the table has to contend with. Other leaves may have been stored away in a damp/cold/hot/dry place which may have caused warpage/lifted veneer/ discolouration to name a few. It is possible to bring ALL the pieces of the table back to a place where the colour is matched, the pieces are flat and you will once again be proud to display it and use it in your home.

It is also possible to replace leaves that are missing from older tables by making new ones that will match the existing table, including any carving that the original may have. Here is the chronological journey of one such piece:

This French oak table dates to the early 1800s. The customer bought it as a round table with no leaves - they were missing - even though the evidence showed that there had originally been some. The top of the table needed some restoration and the customer wanted enough leaves to seat minimum 6 people comfortably.

The first step was to cut three new leaves from oak.
Next the edges of the leaves were profiled and hand carved to match the carving on the original table.
Once the carving was completed, the table was reassembled for fit.
The table and leaves were then colour matched to the colours of the original pedestal base of the table.